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Off-Site Data Backup

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Off-site data backup is the latest technology referred by IT professionals worldwide. Ensuring the security of business and personal data is paramount in today's IT world with virtually all work being done on computers. Off-site data backup is the most secure way to store data since it provides the best disaster security with data being backed up off-site so that in the event of a natural disaster, fire, theft, power failure, water damage, etc. data is secure. Data is updated daily at regular intervals and restoration of data is quick and easy. Off-site back up is a no hassle way to ensure the security of a business' livelihood since having computer systems down costs both time and money and usually sends people into panic mode, unable to function properly.

Ensuring Business Continuity - If you are a sales or operations manager with employees, Off-Site Backup Services are the perfect solution for you to be able to make sure your employees work and data is backed up in case of sudden tragedy, illness, theft, or termination. Our online backup service is also compliant with the security requirements of the HIPAA & Sarbanes-Oxley Acts, which mandates that Healthcare & Corporations provide secure, encrypted off-site backup. Whether your back-up is federally mandated or just good common sense, we are experts at ensuring your business continuity!

Compliant Solutions - Leading organizations in industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Legal, Healthcare, Engineering, Transportation and Business Services rely on Wild Blue Backup's secure online backup and recovery solutions to become and remain compliant with regulatory requirements with respect to secure archival and management of their data. Wild Blue Backup assists with: Financial Services Companies NASD 3010 and 3110, SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4, GLBA. Health Care HIPAA and Public Law 104-191. Public Companies Sarbanes-Oxley 802(a)(1), 802(a)(2) and NASD 3510 and 3520.

Ensuring Your Personal Life - You see, even personal computer users need a back-up copy of their data. The "system recovery disk" that comes with your computer will not recover your personal files. What this means is that any work you have used your computer for since the day you bought it, is lost if disaster strikes. This includes: your emails, favorite places, financial records, research, kids pictures, homework, or your home business files. All of this important data can be gone forever if disaster strikes.

Whatever your computer uses, your data is important, and needs to have a routinely scheduled back-up copy made. You can do this easily and cost effectively using our Off-Site Backup Services! Not only do we provide you the most cutting edge back-up and data recovery system on the market, but our technical support is unmatched in the industry as well. We are so confident that you will realize just how easy and valuable our service is: we will offer a no questions asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and give you a free 15-day trial period! Available for Microsoft Windows and Servers.

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