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Microsoft Exchange Server: To Outsource Or To Deploy In-House? Which Is Right For You?

Enterprise Infrastructure

  • Should your hardware stop working, do you have extra parts and additional hardware available to be able to quickly swap them out to limit service interruptions?
  • Do you have a second connection to the internet for both your incoming and outgoing email should your T1 or DSL lines go down?
  • Do you have extra power supplies available from various grids or a diesel generator backup should the power go out?
  • Does your building contain fingerprint readers or access card machines to ensure the security of your servers? If not, how do you prevent disgruntled employees from damaging your hardware?
  • Do you have multiple antivirus engines updated hourly to ensure the latest level of protection from the #1 threat?
  • Do you have automatic failover measures in place - redundant servers, domain controllers - in the event of a hardware failure?
  • Do you have application monitoring software in place to proactively catch issues with Exchange server before they become a problem?
  • Do you install patches and updates as soon as they are available to prevent hackers from gaining access? Do you back up your important company data? If so, how frequently?

Internal Staff Comparison

  • Is your office IT administrator specialized in Microsoft Exchange Server?
  • Can you quickly contact your IT department in case of problems?
  • How much time can your administrator spend every day proactively checking the server & Exchange logs and monitoring performance to resolve issues before they become problems?
  • Do they have the experience to setup advanced features such as: RPC over HTTP, spam filtering, ActiveSync, VPN, etc.?

Outside Consultants and Consulting Firm Evaluation

  • Can they assure you of a 100% uptime guarantee?
  • Should a piece of hardware fail, how soon can an outside consultant arrive on scene to solve the problem?
  • Does your outside consultant ever take a vacation? How long will it take you to find someone to replace them and come up to speed on your network?

Online Account Management Using Our Web-Based Control Panel

  • Users, distribution lists, contacts and more can be quickly and simply added, changed, or deleted.
  • No programming skills necessary - anyone can administer the account. Don't let your limited IT resources use up all of their time dealing with administrative issues.

Additional Services

  • BlackBerry, iPhone, Treo and other popular Smartphones are automatically synchronized in real-time.
  • Simple integration of other services like hosted Windows SharePoint Services into your corporate workflow.
  • FREE copy of Outlook with each hosted Exchange mailbox.

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