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Hosted Archiving Solution Overview

Wild Blue Backup Hosted Archiving Solution Overview

Our premier hosted archiving solution enables you to reduce the cost of corporate data storage and backup, electronic discovery constraints during legal proceedings and protect critical company information. In these tough economic times, IT staffs are being asked to do more with less. Archiving as a hosted service enables your IT team to refocus their efforts on key tasks that will help generate revenue and enables employees to seamlessly and rapidly search archived data on their own.

Is Archiving Really Necessary?

Despite the common myth that archiving is a necessity only for public companies or financial services firms, new State and Federal regulations mandating proper email archiving practices are forcing businesses of all sizes and industries to evaluate and implement email archiving technology.Unfortunately, smaller companies can't implement these requirements because they don't have the money or personnel necessary to manage such a project. Our big business Wild Blue Backup hosted archiving solutions can help small businesses meet the new government regulations. It's simple to deploy, easy to use and cost effective.

Next Generation Technology

Our premier hosted archiving solution combines ultra-reliable storage with modern "web 2.0" technology, user interface and design methodologies.

Web-Based Interface Is Easy To Use

Our Hosted Archiving user interface is intuitive for all skill set levels.Any user can quickly and easily search documents using the web-based interface without any training or technical knowledge.Administrators can use the web's user interface to configure the system without the need for systems engineers.

Unlimited Storage at No Additional Cost

The real cost of a hosted archiving service is often difficult to calculate since a large number of providers tack on added fees for additional archived data beyond the basic storage limit. Our hosted archiving service has no additional fees or contracts or commitments and provides for unlimited storage of all data for as long as they are a customer.

Immediate and Comprehensive Search

Some hosted archive vendors migrate your older data to offline or near-line storage systems.This adds a considerable delay to the search process due to the inability of a user to conduct an immediate search on data which is readily available. Our hosted archiving service keeps all data online and immediately accessible for searches.

Archiving for Compliance and Document Management for Data Storage Are Supported

Our Hosted Archiving service is designed to accommodate both compliant archiving (FRCP, SEC & HIPAA) as well as storage resource management.

Email Environment Supported

Can be purchased with Wild Blue Backup's hosted Exchange 2010 or hosted Exchange 2007 services or as a standalone service.

Other Features:

  • Setup and configuration in just minutes.
  • Replication to data centers located on the East and West coasts.
  • Export archived data to file, text, PDF or HTML.
  • Help is available to migrate data.
  • 30 day no obligation trail.
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee.
  • 24x7 server monitoring and maintenance.

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