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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server Benefits

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access your FULL mailbox, calendar, contacts, and public folders - not just inbox or email folders from:
  • Microsoft Outlook - home and work
  • Any Web Browser - you can continue to use your favorite web browser
  • All popular smart phones: iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Treo and all Windows Mobile devices
  • Your messages, email folders, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes are fully synchronized with our 2-way wireless synchronization

Get Your Tasks Accomplished

Increase productivity:
  • Share Calendars - check free/busy time when scheduling meetings, and stay on top of your corporate schedule.
  • Delegation - assistants can manage other team members' mailboxes.
  • Collaborate with Public Folders - you can create and manage separate folders for various projects, teams, departments or customers. Each folder will have its own calendar, contact list, emails and files, and any user in the group will be able to access it.

Peace of Mind

Up to 70% of business data resides in email.Temporary or permanent loss of email means lost productivity, lost customers, and lost revenue.
  • Email Backups - we back up our data every day, closely monitor server performance and routinely test.
  • Off-Site Data Storage - prevent Outlook data loss in case user's laptop is lost or stolen. You can easily recreate the entire mailbox on a new computer.
  • Server Maintenance - we perform routine maintenance and install all upgrades and security patches as soon as they are made available by Microsoft.
  • Your Exchange Server will be more robust with our custom software
  • By performing continuous intensive monitoring we are able to detect issues quickly and page a system administrator to resolve them before they grow into problems

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