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Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server - Mobile Email Service


  • Two-way wireless synchronization for: Inbox, Sent Items, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks & Notes
  • Full wireless email synchronization: sent and deleted items, read/unread status, and filing of emails can all be done from your BlackBerry.
  • Advanced search: messages in inbox can be searched quickly from your BlackBerry device
  • Review attached documents: widely used file formats like Microsoft Word®, Excel and PowerPoint®, as well as Adobe® PDF, ASCII, WordPerfect®, ZIP and photo files can be viewed directly from your BlackBerry.
  • Remote control of settings directly from your device
  • Data forwarding: it is unnecessary to run BlackBerry® redirector on your office PC. Our servers forward your data automatically.
  • Emails read and sent on the BlackBerry are noted as read and sent at the same time in your Outlook client.
  • Support for photo files: photo files such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF can be manipulated with the zoom, pan and rotate features. Photos embedded within Word and PDF files are also supported.
  • Settings management: wirelessly set and manage your out-of-office auto-reply, change email filters and update your auto-signature
  • Wirelessly activate and provision: wirelessly enable your BlackBerry from your BlackBerry.
  • Data encryption: all incoming and outgoing wireless data and messages are encrypted and decrypted by BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • 3rd party applications: third-party applications can be used on the BlackBerry via the MDS or Mobile Data Service (i.e., instant messaging).

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