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If I lose My Data Today .... Will I Still Be In Business Tomorrow?

If My Computer Dies .... Can I Get My Data Back?

Can I Buy Protection For My Data?

With Wild Blue Backup,
The Answers Are YES!
At one time or another, most everyone has suffered a loss of valuable information due to some unforeseen event. Virtually everyone knows that they should backup their critical data, but in reality very few people do. After all, backups take forethought, time, equipment, money, and ultimately, dedication. Most people, even many small businesses, do not back up their systems – even though they know they should. You know you need to back up your data, but do you? Here are a few reasons people give for avoiding backups:
  • “Backups are a hassle”
  • “Backups are time consuming”
  • “I’ve never had a problem with data loss before”
  • “I don’t have adequate storage space available to do backups”
  • “I have a CD-writer, but I rarely get around to running backups”
  • “Backup drives, tapes, and other required devices are cost prohibitive”
  • “I don’t have the knowledge to manage all the equipment necessary to do backups”
  • “When my computer fails, my old backup media won’t be readable by my new computer”
  • “Even if I did regular backups, my data wouldn’t really be secure unless I stored it off site”
Common Unrealized Statistics About Data Loss
  • 6% of all PC's will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year.
  • 7% of data lost is due to Viruses and Hackers.
  • 7% of data lost is due to Disasters such as theft, fire, flood, storms or terrorism.
  • 12% of data lost is due to Software Errors like compatibility issues, programming errors and improper application termination
  • 30% of data lost is due to Personal Errors like accidentally overwriting and/or deleting files, disgruntled employees or spilled drinks
  • 44% of data lost is due to hardware failures. Hard Drive Crash, Faulty Tape Drives, Laptop Failures to name a few.
Disaster Recovery Statistics:
  • Nearly half of small businesses that lose business-critical data in a disaster do not reopen after the loss.
  • 90% who do reopen, are aout of business within two years.
Evaluate Your Companies Data Protection
  • If your business were to lose its data, how long would it take to recreate?
  • Could your business survive without its customer records, e-mails, financial data and other documents?
  • Because data is so important and vulnerable, every business needs a proper method of backing data up.
        Is our backup plan good enough?
        Has it been tested?
Wild Blue Backup Can HELP!
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