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Wild Blue Backup came to be in late 2005 when a friends (Steve) business was broken into and his computers were stolen. Steve lost all of his bookkeeping records, all of the documents and forms he need to run his business. Steve did what every other small business owner would do, try to recreate his accounts receivable and start again from scratch all of his contracts and documents. Steve struggled like this for a few months before he had to throw in the towel.

Sitting on the sidelines and watching a friends business slowly fade away was a sad yet eye opening experience. So here was this successful small business owner with 3 employees who was doing everything right. But after talking about how he backed up his data, it became clear that he started out with the best intentions and backed everything up to a thumb drive everyday, got tedious and left by the wayside. After hearing that I wondered how many other people were in his shoes. So I set out to find out, and after about a month and over a hundred small business owners, I got my answer.

It turns out that data backup among small business is something that they don’t want to talk about. Everyone acknowledges how important it is to do a backup, but realistically it rarely happens. Most conversations went like this:

Business Owner - “I backup every Friday.”

Me – “Really? Every Friday?! That’s great!”

Business Owner - “Well, most Fridays.”

Me – “What is most Fridays? When was the last time you backed up?”

Business Owner - “oh uhh, a couple of weeks ago.”

Me – “Ok, who does your backup when you go on vacation?”

Business Owner - “Uh, ….. I have one of my employees do it.”

Me – “Do you have checks and balances to know it got done okay?”

Business Owner - “No”

Me - "If you had a way for your backup to happen automatically and be able to get an email telling you it was okay everyday, would you do it?"

Business Owner - "Absolutly."

So I developed a business focused on small businesses who, if they had a catastrophic event, would be able to come out the other side just fine.

So now that you have the story on how Wild Blue Backup came to be, our focus still is on smaller businesses and their data backup, security and business continuity.

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